Just as we have always done, we pass our cherished stories, treasured objects, and family traditions down through the generations. We welcome our friends into our hearts, and hold our loved ones near. At the centre of everything is Love.

Your family, be they relatives or friends, all play an intrinsic role in your life story, just as you do in theirs. Together you weave a rich tapestry of stories and anecdotes, habits and adventures, all unique to you.

The milestones in our lives marker the passage of time and the pivoting of change, but it is the everyday happenings that make us who we are.

From the way your mum would perch on your bed to brush the hair out of your sleepy eyes, to the peculiar but endearing way your partner would sip their tea, your life is full of beauty, all woven into the minutiae of the everyday.

Letters to Jinny lockets are a starting point - a blank canvas for you to pour your own meaning and document the love in your life. A seeding moment for legacy to take root.



The major milestones are often where people begin when looking for a way to commemorate. A Letters to Jinny locket is an ideal gift for these occasions, be it either for yourself or a loved one. Often our lockets are given to mark the important moments, such as:

  • Vita Nova - Births or Push Presents to welcome those new to this world

  • Temporis - Milestone birthdays or anniversaries

  • Unity - To celebrate marriages and the union of hearts

  • Memoriam - In memory of loved ones lost.

Alternatively, there may not be an approaching date of significance, but instead you may feel you want or need to begin recording your relationships, your stories, your time here in this life. If you feel this urge, then a locket could very well be a fitting object with which to begin.


Here at Letters to Jinny, we will never push our products on you. We firmly believe that you and your journey are the most important aspect in the process of documenting your legacy, and if you feel that our lockets are the right way for you to do this, then the fit will be right.

We’d recommend looking through the lockets and see which you are drawn to. There is scope for personalisation on all of our lockets, but equally if you would prefer to keep it simple that is also a perfectly reasonable choice. We want you to find the right locket for you.

If you have any questions about our lockets, or want to discuss personalising a locket to meet your requirements, then please do get in touch via the Contact page