Add Lining Paper

Add Lining Paper


Add a pop of colour to your locket with an internal lining paper. Screen-printed Florentine papers with rich colours, each option creates a lovely visual surprise as you open your locket, adding to the secret held within.


All lockets come unlined as standard*. If you would like to add Lining Paper to your locket simply choose your paper above and add to your basket.

* The exceptions to this are as follows:

  • The Bauh & Frye Lockets come lined with Blue Floral as standard. If you would prefer a different lining choice with either of these lockets then please do get in touch after placing your order and we can note your choice on your orderform.

  • The Thedra Locket is not compatible with lining, so please be aware that if you order this locket and add lining paper, the cost of the lining paper addition will need to be refunded to you which can take up to 10days.

  • Should you ever need a repair or wish to have your locket reconditioned, the lining paper will need to be redone. The first replacement will come at no extra cost and is included in the price. Please read our Terms for full details.

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