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Hannah’s Story

Ever since she was a little girl Hannah has had a feverish love of secrets. Keeping and holding secrets close to her, she would collect small objects, imbuing them with special meanings and powers whilst she played. As Hannah grew older, her love of secrets turned to a fascination with old architecture, and the history seeping from the bricks and spaces within.

I love the idea that buildings and objects long outlast those who create / use / live in / wear them, and I often try to imagine how life looked when the building or object came into being, be it 50, 100, 200+ years ago. It’s a special quality for these things to be able to pass through time in a way that living creatures cannot, and I love imagining who might have interacted with them before me.

This love of the past and the passing of time went hand-in-hand with Hannah’s love of hearing her family’s stories. Passed down from mother to daughter through the generations, she relished listening to her mum, nan and great aunt’s tales of life in times gone by. Their reminiscences were windows to the past where the people, places, colours and sounds were alive with splendid vividity.

Hearing my family describing what their lives where like when they were young has always given me such a sense of insight, as if knowing their story broadens my understanding of the passing of time. For me personally, these recollections are just as precious as any object they could leave to me. I could listen to these stories all day. It’s the closest to time-travel you are likely to get, seeing the world 50+ years before you were born, through the eyes of someone who was there. It’s an incredibly special gift.


a quick journey through time

A child of the 80s & 90s, Hannah grew up in a converted Victorian schoolhouse, nestled in the old grounds of a Scottish estate. Hidden in amongst the forests and mountains, Hannah spent her childhood discovering the secrets of the old school house and surrounding countryside. In 2009 Hannah graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design in Dundee. Since that time she spent many years living in the heart of historic Edinburgh, and even ran her very own design boutique called Black Box with her good friend, and fellow jeweller, Sarah Brown.

Hannah now lives in the beautiful Highland village of Beauly with her husband and son.